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I first started Second To Nature Waterfall Maintenance and Design in 1993 with the intention of providing people with something they could enjoy for many years to come. I opened Second To Nature because I experienced first hand the need for many repairs and reconstruction of existing water amenities in and around Boise.

Because of this, I was able to foresee problems within the construction and design of many ponds and streams. It was after seeing and reconstructing so many poorly constructed ponds and waterfalls that I decided to make the focus of my business both on water amenity construction and the design and maintenance of existing features. My desire was to construct and reconstruct features with longevity in mind, use of design features that were user friendly, enjoyable and that required easier access to pumps and filtration systems so that the owners would have efficient maintenance and cleaning options.

The customer needs to contract with a landscaper/developer that will stand behind their features, and will service them and will not refer them to someone else in the event of a problem. We hear over and over again from people who contact us for maintenance or reconstruction that they were not able to get their phone calls returned or the problem solved by the person who did the original work. Second To Nature prides itself in customer service and satisfaction. It is important that a homeowner or business owner feels comfortable calling us at anytime with any questions they may have with regards to a feature we have built for them.

If you are interested in a water feature, please call and set up an appointment today!

Second to Nature,  208-853-6900