Hello and welcome. I’m Randy Stoppenhagen and I have personally owned Second To Nature for over 21 years. We have designed many of Idaho’s water features as well as those from our surrounding states. We make every effort to approach each new feature with thoughtful design and care. Every piece placed just perfect, creates a part of nature that we can bring right to you. There is nothing more relaxing or calming than a waterfall with it’s beautiful scenery and sounds of nature.

Taking a plain backyard and transforming it into the new place you love to go or creating an entrance to your business that shows detail and beauty is one of the many hopes we have for you. Take time out to look around the site and see the many design we currently create.

We love building water features and stand behind our work as we use only the best pumps, filtering systems and parts. We are available to provide maintenance on all our features if you’d like that service. Let us help you design your new work of art that brings nature home.

Randy Stoppenhagen,

Company Owner